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Guided tour – Mystic Kyiv


You will meet mystical Kyiv and also romantic part of it

  • Distract from the bustle of everyday life with Podol. Discover the exciting places situated here.
  • Note the prototype of today’s supermarkets – Gostiny Dvor. This shopping complex built in the distant 1809, numbers about 50 shops and workshops. Currently there is the State Architecture and Construction Science Library named after Zabolotnyi.
  • Admire the statue – fountain of Samson – the first water pipe in Kiev, which appeared in 1749. This place is shrouded in different legends, which you will get from our tour guide. On the four columns a round rotunda soars in the sky. It is located above the fountain. You can find out what time it is via the sand clocks, placed on each of the four pillars.
  • Pay attention to the building with yellow walls and white columns – this is one of the oldest high schools in Eastern Europe – National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. In 1615 there was created the Kyiv Brotherhood School, the progenitor of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. From the alma mater’s walls graduated 14 Ukrainian Hetmans, metropolitans, thinkers, writers, and others. Get inspired by this beautiful place, which is harmoniously intertwined with history and modernity.
  • The route of this driving private tour also includes a visit to the Church of Elijah the Prophet, the Church of Nicholas waterfront, the Church of the Nativity and the Church of the Virgin Pirogoshcha. These holy shrines will make a wonderful impression on you, and the tour guide will provide the tour with many interesting stories.

Information about your guide

Ordering this tour, you will be guided by a welcome, professional and dynamic person, who presents information in the most comprehensible way. This is a person who loves and knows the city of Kyiv inside out. He or she will recommend you the sightseeing attractions to visit in future, suggest the location of museums, theatres, entertainment centers, shops etc. Also don’t worry about all technical issues that may appear during the excursion, those are bathrooms, restaurants etc.

The price includes

  • guide’s services
  • transportation

The price doesn’t include

  • entrance tickets
  • personal expenses









Sightseeing attractions

“Vozdvizhenka” apartment homes
Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross
Michael the Archangel’s Church
Florivsky Convent
St. Nicolas Pritisk Church
The house of Petr I
Podol fire-observation tower
Andriyivskyy Descent
St Andrew’s Church

“Zhovten'” Cinema
Church of St. Dmitrij
National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”
Musical theatre
Church of St. Nicolas Naberezhnyi
Church of Elijah the Prophet
Orthodox Old-Rite Church
“The box house” styled after classicalism

Balabuh’s estate
Puppet theatre
Bell-tower of Nicolas Dobryi Church
Pokrovsky Cathedral
Christ Nativity Church
Monument to the first street railway of Russian Empire
Riverside station

* Additional places of interest can be also included in this route. It may be discussed with your quide during excursion or with our manager by phone. 

Feel comfortable with us

Guide’s tips as for the markets or shops.

Accommodation services.

Guide’s tips as for the restaurants.

50 UAH discount for a disabled person.

Guide’s tips as for museums.

Comfortable transport.

Special thing about this private tour

  • The quide will conduct excursion individually for you or for your company.
  • You have an opportunity to make changes to your route.
  • You set the convenient time and place of starting and ending of the excursion.
  • You set the duration of the tour.
  • You can include into the excursion program visiting museums, restaurants or othe interesting places.

Price for the driving tour (3-hours) Ukr/RusEng Ger, Fr and other.
car (1-3 ps) 2500 / 3150* grn2750 / 3200* grn 2950 / 3600* grn
minibus (4-6 ps) 2950 / 3450* grn3250 / 3700* grn 3400 / 3900* grn
minibus (7-15 ps) 3050 / 4000* grn3400 / 4250* grn 3700 / 4450* grn
bus (16-25 ps) 3750 grn3950 grn 4100 grn
bus (28-44 ps) 4600 grn4800 grn 5000 grn

* - price for business class auto

Price for the walking tour (3-hours) Ukr/RusEng Ger, Fr and others.
1-15 ps 1400 grn1800 grn 1900 grn
16-30 ps 1650 grn 1950 grn2150 grn

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A Bit of History

Turn your attention to a driving tour to Andrew’s descent, which is considered to be one of the oldest streets in Kyiv. It is infinitely attractive for its history, architecture, fortunes of the people who lived here. Andrew’s descent is considered to be a symbol of the city of Kiev. On the Kyiv Day in May 1991, One Street Museum opened its doors for the first time. Anywhere in the world, except in Kiev, there are no museums dedicated to the history of only one street. If you order the driving tour to Andrew’s descent you will get an unforgettable experience.

This driving tour also includes a visit to famous sights of Podol. Podol was one of the biggest areas of townspeople of XI-XIII centuries. A characteristic feature of the religious house building at Podol was that its clients were not princes and monasteries, as in other areas of the city, but trade and handicraft corporations. In this regard the style of architecture has changed.

During the driving tour, pay attention that the ancient architects paid their main attention to exterior of the temples. Light, soaring structures have organically entered the wooden buildings of Podol and decorated its central square. In the heart of Podol around the trading area in the first half of the XII century there have been built Christian stone temples of Virgin Pirogoshcha, Boris and Gleb, and Michael. About all this you can find out on a driving tour to Andrew’s descent and Podol.


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