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Enjoy your tour with energetic and friendly guides

It is very important for a tourist to choose an interesting route, to follow. But without a knowledgeable and competent guide, even the most spectacular places will not produce the desired effect.
Travel to Ukraine with our tour agency in Kiev. We will please you with not only lots of different excursions, but also with really good and energetic guides who accompany tourists throughout the Ukraine tours. They’ll let you into the history of city’s landmarks, tell the most interesting and exciting things about it, give an exhaustive answer to any question. Our guides know the maximum of Ukraine cities. They are happy to make your tour comfortable, memorable, exciting and colorful. Also, our guides take into account all your wishes and requests considering your tour.

What is a tourist looking for when searching for a Kyiv tour? Undoubtedly, he is looking for the most interesting tour routes to follow. Our Kiev travel agency has prepared for you wonderful Kyiv tours that will interest and grab you from the first minute.

Our experienced Kiev city guides prepared information-intensive and informative routes for you. In Kiev, there is a huge amount of fascinating places, so it will be easy for you to choose the most interesting routes. Monuments, temples and cathedrals, architecture, museums and other Kiev attractions will not leave you without positive impressions.

Our travel agency “Olk” offers guided tours all over Ukraine for every taste, considering all your wishes and requests. We offer the most interesting routes for not only avid travelers, but also young tour lovers.

Enjoy with the most interesting routes

Enjoy your tour with flexible prices

Our travel agency in Kiev (Ukraine) offers a wide choice of interesting routes and guides with a deep knowledge of the business. In addition, tourists will appreciate the current system of discounts. For regular customers, we’ve introduced a unique offer: 50grn off from the total amount of each subsequent tour.

We value the people who use the services of our company, so for the tourists who expressed a desire to extend the tour, we make a discount. You will be pleased with the flexible prices, top-ranked guides and exciting tours of our website.

Capital of Kyiv will capture you with its sights and hearten with a friendly atmosphere. In evenings Kyiv turns into a “city of light” – a lot of beautiful colored lights illuminate the streets of Kyiv. This light enshrouds the capital in a unique romantic and mysterious veil.

The nature and variety of colors of Kiev makes it warm and cozy. Plenty of public gardens and parks will delight you with its dressing, comfortable benches and secluded places where you can escape from the prying eyes of passers-by.

Also, after the kiev city tour, tourists can relax and gain strength in the welcoming cafes, restaurants and pubs with reasonable prices. The places will gladly open their doors to you and please with a wide choice of delicious dishes. Kiev atmosphere is created with not only its external dressings, but also with the residents of the metropolis. Tourists will surely note that people in Kyiv are smiling, friendly and welcoming as the capital itself.

Enjoy your tour with welcoming Kyiv

Enjoy your tour with comfortable transport

Our Kiev travel agency “Olk” offers tourists each walking and driving tours around Kiev and any Ukrainian city. Each of these types of tour is interesting in their own way. Driving tour is convenient and inexpensive. In any weather, sitting in the car, you will feel cozy and comfortable.

We offer the tourists a good choice of transport that will delight even the most demanding customer. Ukraine tours can be carried out in a passenger car, micro van or bus. Our vehicle is comfortable, clean, designed for any number of tourists. The buses are provided with microphones so that all the tourists could hear our competent and knowledgeable tour guides well and clearly. Therefore, no important and interesting part of the story will escape your hearing.

You choose your favorite tour not dependent on the time of year and weather. For many exactly driving tours are the most comfortable. Doesn’t matter what the weather outside the window is: hot or rainy, inside a car you will be comfortable. In summer, tourists feel the fresh and cool breeze because of our comfortable air-conditioned vehicles. When it’s cold outside, inside the car is warm and cozy.

You will be pleased to choose a tour by our comfortable transport.

Our travel agency in Kiev (Ukraine) offers the residents of the city and its guests private, group, walking and driving tours. The main purpose of these tours is to acquaint visitors with the Ukraine and Kiev sights, architectural monuments, art and history.

Professional guides with many years’ experience and deep knowledge will make your tour memorable and interesting.

We offer you a wide choice of tours, which are held in different languages. Our guests, who travel to Ukraine can enjoy the country and it’s capital with support of a competent guide who will talk about the city sights in their native language.

We organize tours in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Greek, French, and Arabic.

Enjoy your tour with your native language

Get unforgettable experience from your tour

Going on a tour, a tourist expects the best from it. If you use proposals recommended by our travel agency “Olk”, you will surely get an unforgettable experience.

We picked up the most exciting and spectacular tour routes. Our competent and energetic guides with extensive knowledge of Ukraine and it’s capital, Kyiv, will certainly tell you a story of secret and interesting facts of historical and architectural monuments and other Ukraine and Kiev sights. Listening to the stories of the guide, you will certainly plunge into the mysterious and interesting history. Their words will surely leave a memory trace of the new knowledge.

Surely, Kyiv draws with its vigor, vitality and romance. It is worth noting that the city changes its daily appearance to nightly. With the time of the day changes the city. For lovers of the mysterious atmosphere our company offers evening tours in Kiev.

Whichever route you choose, regardless of time of day, you will be satisfied.