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Private Driving Tour to the Kiev Monasteries


You will visit sacred places of Kiev

  • For Kyiv tourists who wish to visit the sacred places of the capital we offer tour to the monasteries of Kiev. The tour to the monasteries of Kiev intends visiting St. Michael’s Cathedral, Ascension Florovsky Monastery, Vydubychi Monastery and Trinity Monastery of St. Jonas.

Information about your guide

Ordering this tour, you will be guided by a welcome, professional and dynamic person, who presents information in the most comprehensible way. This is a person who loves and knows the city of Kyiv inside out. He or she will recommend you the sightseeing attractions to visit in future, suggest the location of museums, theatres, entertainment centers, shops etc. Also don’t worry about all technical issues that may appear during the excursion, those are bathrooms, restaurants etc.

The price includes

  • guide’s services
  • transportation

The price doesn’t include

  • entrance tickets
  • personal expenses









Sightseeing attractions

St. Michael’s Cathedral

Ascension Florovsky Monastery
Vydubychi Monastery

Trinity Monastery of St. Jonas

* Additional places of interest can be also included in this route. It may be discussed with your quide during excursion or with our manager by phone. 

Feel comfortable with us

Guide’s tips as for the markets or shops.

Accommodation services.

Guide’s tips as for the restaurants.

50 UAH discount for a disabled person.

Guide’s tips as for museums.

Comfortable transport.

Special thing about this private tour

  • The quide will conduct excursion individually for you or for your company.
  • You have an opportunity to make changes to your route.
  • You set the convenient time and place of starting and ending of the excursion.
  • You set the duration of the tour.
  • You can include into the excursion program visiting museums, restaurants or othe interesting places.

Price for the driving tour (3-hours) Ukr/RusEng Ger, Fr and other.
car (1-3 ps) 2500 / 3150* grn2750 / 3200* grn 2950 / 3600* grn
minibus (4-6 ps) 2950 / 3450* grn3250 / 3700* grn 3400 / 3900* grn
minibus (7-15 ps) 3050 / 4000* grn3400 / 4250* grn 3700 / 4450* grn
bus (16-25 ps) 3750 grn3950 grn 4100 grn
bus (28-44 ps) 4600 grn4800 grn 5000 grn

* - price for business class auto

Price for the walking tour (3-hours) Ukr/RusEng Ger, Fr and others.
1-15 ps 1400 grn1800 grn 1900 grn
16-30 ps 1650 grn 1950 grn2150 grn

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A Bit of History

The tour starts with visiting St. Michael’s Cathedral. St. Michael’s Cathedral was founded in 1108 by the Prince of Kiev Svyatopolk Izyaslavich on the place where St. Dmitrii monastery had been. In 12c St. Michael’s Cathedral was the burial place of the princes. In 1240 it was robbed and partially destroyed by the hordes of Batu. Under Metropolitan I.Boretskii the Monastery was one of the centers of antiuniate struggle. In 1713 on the territory of the monastery a frater was built in the Ukrainian Baroque style. And in 1716-20 years the Stone tower was built. In the middle of the 18th century stone wall of fortification destination was built. Part of it turned to Vladimir Hill, was built in 1835 – 36 years. In the late 19th, early 20th centuries the so-called hotel buildings of the Michael’s monastery were erected. On the territory of St. Michael’s Monastery Kiev princes Sviatopolk Izyaslavich (1113), his wife Barbara, Sviatopolk Yurievich (1190), Prince of Turov Gleb Yurievich (1196), Metropolitans Boretskii I. (1631) and Kopinsky I. ( 1640 ) were buried.

Then this tour shifts to the Ascension Florovsky Monastery. This is convent. The convent is known since the 15th century. In 1710 it was consolidated with the Ascension Monastery transferred from Pechersk in connection with the construction of the Old Pechersk fortress. In 1722-32 years Church of the Ascension was built – hexastyle triapsidal construction. To the west of the main temple there is a two-storey frater. It has a church hall and utility rooms. After fires in 1811 the restoration of the Florovsky monastery was led by the architect A.I.Melensky. On the territory of the monastery several of its buildings have survived: Host Resurrection Church, the bell tower, hegumeness’s house. Ascension Florovsky Monastery is locaThen you will visit Vydubychi Monastery. It is located on the southern outskirts of Kyiv in the picturesque countryside Vidubichi where in the time of Kievan Rus, according to the Chronicle, was temporary bridge to the left bank of Dnieper. Vydubychi Monastery was founded in the 2nd half of the 11th century by Prince Vsevolod Yaroslavovich as a generic one. In 1070-88 years on the territory of Vydubychi monastery Michael’s Cathedral was built. In 1096 monasty was damaged by Polovtsy. In 1199-1200 Kiev architect P.Miloneg built a system of retaining structures under the walls of the Cathedral. Modern architectural ensemble of Vydubychi Monastery was formed in the late 17th – early 18th century when the Colonel M.A.Miklashevsky erected stone five-domed St. George Cathedral with a frater, and Hetman D. Apostol built the bell tower in the Ukrainian Baroque style. In 1116 Abbot Sylvester created one of the editors offices of ” The Tale of Bygone Years “. Here Kiev Chronicle had been kept. On the territory of Vydubychi Monastery there have been buried Russian teacher Ushinsky K.D., Ukrainian anatomist and professor at the University of Kiev, Betz V.A., composer Seletsky P.D.

The tour ends with visit to Trinity Monastery of St. Jonas. This monastery was founded in 1864 on the site of former Trinity Monastery. It was located higher than Vydubychi Monastery on the territory of Zverinets. In Trinity Monastery of St. Jonas there were built several temples and housing for monks. By architect Nikolaev V.N. they began to build the bell tower, which had to be higher than Lavra. However, only the first stage was erected. Now the territory of the former Trinity Monastery of St. Jonas is the part of the Botanical Gardens.


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